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the ceremony at joint base andrews there is breaking news from the investigation of the attack on the u.s. consulate and the murder of the u.s. ambassador and others. another attack on another 9/11. president obama, as you just saw, has finished speaking at the ceremony marking the arrival of the four victims' remains. the bodies were flown to the united states and president obama said the attackers in libya will see justice. listen. >> we will continue to do everything in our power to protect americans serving overseas, whether that means increasing security at our diplomatic posts, working with host countries which have an obligation to provide security and making it clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, even in our growth, we will be resolute. but we are americans. we hold our head high. >>trace: the white house said president obama has ordered a review of the security situation as u.s. diplomatic facilities around the world. we are hearing from lawmakers who were briefed by the c.i.a. they describe the attacks in libya as and i quote, "coordinated, com
group heavily armed guns and rocket propelled grenades planned from the beginning. they targeted a u.s. consulate not nearly the security the embassy would have had at the capital. people asked questions as to whether this was planned. there is increasing evidence that this was indeed a planned even targeted attack. the result the death of u.s. ambassador tore christopher stevens and two others. ambassador steven's last moments we are told he was taken to the hospital a doctor treated him and he died of severe smoke inhalation asphyxiation. we have seen those photographs. we are not showing them for the moment at least. i have also shown them to members of our medical a team, dr. seigel among them. he is looking at a still photograph but it's not inconsistent with severe smoke inhalation partly because of the coloring around the mouth. these are photographs you have also seen the photograph ambassador stevens had. >> we are not sure what happened yet. there's no way to know precisely what happened yet. with all of the information we have been getting it appears as we walk around new yo
as leaders call for the murder of more americans. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations said the deadly 9/11 consulate attack in libya was not pre-planned, a plan libya's president called preposterous. a brave grandfather going to new heights to show his doctor is wrong and the whole family came along for the ride. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york city an al qaeda egyptian clerk has issued a call for muslims to kill anyone involved with the low budget anti-islam video that mocked the prophet mohammed according to the reporting of the associated press. the protesters are not over the movie. today, it turned violent in several nations. first, in afghanistan, hundreds of people burned cars and threw rocks at the military base. the local afghan police general says protesters injured 20 officers. pakistan, now, security forces there fired tear gas and warning shots in the air in an attempt to push back hundreds of protesters marching toward the consulate. in northern pakistan, a person died after hundreds
. lib al-libi -- libyan officials made an arrest. no one will confirm the information. u.s. officials tell fox to be "cautious," about reports of arrests. according to reuters, quoting libya's interior minister four men are in custody and under investigation suspected of helping events at the u.s. consulate. "helping." f.b.i. and others are on the ground in the early stages of the investigation. top priority here? find out whether the strike on the consulate was a planned assault by terrorists rather than a rampageing mob angry other antimuslim video. catherine is in washington, dc, first on the reported arrests. >> this afternoon, the intelligence community is trying to knock down the report. this question was put to the state department. i saw the press reports before i came down. i was not able to confirm them. obviously, it would be a good thing if we are moving forward on this. >> the state department confirmed the investigation in benghazi at consulate is led by the libyan authorities with f.b.i. agents on the ground because american citizens are dead. at least publicly the stat
speech. the labor department reporting u.s. employers only added 96,000 jobs last month, well low the 125,000 needed to show economic improvement. add to that the unemployment rate dropped 8.1 for the wrong reason. it fell .2% in july but because many gave up looking. >> in new hampshire, the president acknowledged the bad news but tried to put a good spin on it. >> after losing around 800,000 jobs a month when i took office, business added jobs for the 30th month in a row. a total of more than 4.6 million jobs. but -- but that's not good enough. we know it's not good enough. we need to create more jobs faster. >> either way the jobs news presents a major challenge to the president in the homestretch of the election. carl cameron has the romney campaign reaction to the report. ed henry is in the president's next stop, iowa city, iowa. it clearly is not the news the president wanted, especially coming out of his convention. >> that's right. a blow to the president. back to last night, not just the president's speech but vice president biden claimed we've turned the corner. now questions ab
to strike at those iranian nuclear sites where as the u.s. wants to take more time to see pressure and diplomacy can work. netanyahu comments aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. she can say there are currently no actual headlines without the two being knmutually exclusive. even if you do have red lines you don't save them outright publicly because the iranians would be there. >> the united nations inspectors are on the nuclear side. >> the leader of the international atomic energy expresses deep frustration that the delays of the deep forcing them not allowing them in particular on the military site. it is believed to be one of the most important of all of iran's facilities. the iaea chief inspector will have to stop going around in circles we need to get in there. diplomacy is working. little scene facts but today for the second day in a row the iran currency fell sharply against the u.s. dollar. it is now at a record low. and that does add some evidence to what the us says is beginning to fight. >> jonathan hunt thank you. more reports of possible corruption, fraud, lying, che
, americans, more attacks in the last two years, combined..s. tro longer work, side by side with afghan forces and that could, according to analysts, throw a wrench in plans to train the afghans to take over the fighting. today, the white house said that the shift will not change the timeline for withdrawal. >> the president's policy of gradually turning over security to afghan forces, continues. that is part of a broader strategy that will result in more american troops coming home and afghans taking more and greater responsibility. >>shepard: british lawmakers are saying this threatens to "blow a hole," in nato's exit strategy. jennifer is live at the pentagon. which joint operations are suspended? are they suspended indefinitely or until when, exactly? >>reporter: they are not saying until when. it is temporary. the kind of operations are where two or three afghan are working with a teen of mentors. those operations and joint patrols have been halted temporarily. this british member of parliament who served in the military summed up the feeling right now. always i am fed up with watching ou
? not a difference on severity. >>reporter: that is a great way to put it. we want to see the u.s. and israel on the same page and they have taken different courts of action to stop the islamic regime from having nuclear weapons. >>shepard: different courses of action or different opinions on what the course of action should be? >>reporter: both. thank you for the sanctions, but the sanctions are thought working. it is crippling the iranian economy but it hasn't stopped them from getting nuclear weapons. we both agree that is the ultimate goal. the united states has wanted to bring them to the negotiating table. that has not happened, either. the israelis are almost feeling as though both the mentality and the course of actions that the u.s. has taken and the west in general have been naive. >>shepard: factoring in is the fact that so many analysts with great experience and knowledge of the situation here are of the belief that you cannot stop this by bombing. it will take something else. >>reporter: right. that's tech did you want to look at that exact point look at the people of iran and wh
. here's shepard. >> today americans pause to remember the dead list attacks ever on u.s. soil 11 years ago. a dark day which forever changed our nation led us into a decade of the of wars and left 2,977 victims dead. >> in new york city mourners gathered at the now open 9-11 memorial parki marking the spot where the twin towers once stood. at 8:46 a.m. today a single chime then silence marked the moment the first plane hit. >> as in the years past the readings of the names but for the first time no politicians spoke. family members with reminders of the loved ones lost. >> my uncle and godfather not a day goes by we don't think of you and we all miss you so very much. >> out of the rubble a new building one world trade center it rises 1368 feet above the city sigh skyline. an american flag trappes the pentagon where 184 victims died. the president and fist lady laid a wreath on the memorial and had a moment of silence the time the pla second plane flew into the building. there were the names of the people who died after the attacks. >> in shanksville, pennsylvania members read the name
states. he also completely reflected and echoed language we have heard again and again from u.s. officials on syria, saying the civil war there must end and the regime of bashar al-assad must step aside. listen. >> after this regime, the current regime, comes to an end, the regime that kills its people, day and night, after this regime comes to an end, the syrian people will choose with their own free will a regime that represents and places syria in its right place among democratic countries. >>jonathan: almost every world leader who has spoken this wut r in syria. very few of them seem to have any concrete ideas on how to end that civil war right now. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan hunt. thank you very much. joining us is a official intelligence officer for the defense secretary's office, mike barrett, currently c.e.o. of a consulting firm in washington, dc. president morsi of egypt had a little bit for everyone. some condemnation of us. some condemnation for the civil war. also, words for iran. what did you think? >>guest: it is important we in the west understand this issue
in more than that. half are bringing in less. that number hasn't been so low sin the mid-1990's. it is not just that families are being forced to get by with less, this could threaten the whole economic recovery. when families spend less, it hurts stores andinesses. when businesses make less, they stop hiring. it is a vicious cycle. in the local level, incomes goal the most in places with the worst housing but the such as florida and nevada and florida. the typical family in mississippi made the least at $37,000 per household. that number has falls thousands in three years. gerri, what will in mean for the overall who? rather, what does it mean now? >>gerri: it is a domino effect. consumers get less income. they spend less with businesses who rely on them. those businesses, then, stop expanding. they stop hiring. this is impacting the economy already. we have seen record numbers of people claiming food stamp. one in eight families now on food stamps. that is 13 percent of the population. a lot of people looking for government assistance. this is three years into the recovery. >>
clinton are seen explaining that the u.s. government has nothing whatever to do with this antiislamic movie. we reported on this last night in the fox report. whether that is having any effect, that is difficult to tell. i look to the u.s. embassy facebook page from pakistan and it makes it clear that what they do not understand is it is part of free speech here. having said that, the protests crossed the muslim world and middle east and are smaller today than last week. as we mentioned last friday, given this is friday, it is the day of prayer, the traditional day of protest, it is not insignificant those protests have been much smaller than might have been. >>shepard: thank you. with us now is the former u.s. secretary of defense, cohen, who served under president clinton. before that he served as a republican both in the house of representatives and the united states not. nice to see you. >>guest: good to be here. >>shepard: this is a complicated relationship with pakistan. >>guest: it's complicated with many countries throughout the middle east and influence the muslim world. it i
. >>>>gygy that is t best part, , thth t t balloloons.s. 24 hoursrs i i not enough timeso get 100,000 balloons in here. >>shepard: it won't be the same. >>megyn: we will throw the water balloons tomorrow night. >>shepard: that would be great. the news begins anew, live from the democratic national convention here in charlotte, north carolina, where we have major changes going on. organizers today announced they are changing the location of the big speech because the weather is bad. it has been bad for days. they talking about lightning tomorrow. rather than speaking in the open air to 70,000 people at bank of america stadium, the president will address the nation from here, inside the time-warner cable arena. unlike the stadium down the road, this has a roof but it holds 40,000 fewer people. safety is the primary concern. a staffer said, the last thing we want is a stadium full of people with lightning breaking out. and now, james has a preview of the former president clinton's speech. but, first, ed, what do we hair about moving the speech? i bet it cost a lot of money. >>reporte
, christopher stevens, a couple weeks after he was assassinated along with three other americans on u.s. soil at the consulate in benghazi. the date was 9/11. >> chris stevens embodied the best of america. he built bridges across oceans of cultures and deeply invested in the international cooperation that the united nations represents. today, we must reafell our future will be determined by people like chris stevens and not by his killer. >>shepard: the attack came during a spike in anti-american violence in north africa some in response to the amateur anti-islam video that marked mohammed. the president today said the u.s. government had nothing to do with the video and condemned the backlash. he defended the constitution from protecting the trite practice free speech. >> americans have fought and died around the globe to protect the right of all people to express their views, even views we disagree with. we do fault do so because we support hateful speech but because our founders understood without such protection the capacity of each individual expressed their own views and practiced their
. a abc-"washington post" poll, with the lowest favorability since the 1980's by the voters for an incumbent. that is from abc and the "washington post" which is a drop from the same poll last month with decline in popularity among women voters. the same poll shows republican nominee, mitt romney, with a lower favorability at 43 percent, and 48 percent view governor romney unfavorably which is an improvement after the convention gave him a boost in that category. now, erin, a political reporter is with us now. i read there was they boost but it looks like there was in that category. >>guest: a little. that is what they wanted to increase the favorability rating and build up his image. that is what michelle obama's speech was about. both of the conventions are trying to improve the likability factor. this negative campaign has taken a real toll. >>shepard: people mostly know president obama. we have had him in our likes for five or six years now. governor romney, from what i am able to discern, i don't think people really know him yet. they don't get engamed until after the l
they are standing still, it looks to me like he is in the high 90's and at points the helicopter pilot said well over 100 miles per hour. this guy is moving. >>shepard: you mentioned the undercover cop. this was a white pickup truck which we were led to believe is an undercover police officer following the car. it is possible that an officer in a white pickup truck, not a police issued vehicle could lay back just if safety sake. you go passing on the shoulder like that and passing someone on the right, any driver who doesn't see this coming, that could be real trouble. police air units are overhead. i understand there are multiple choppers or fixed wings or something overhead. the police are trailing, as well. this is per our station there, ksaz, fox 10 for the valley there. ksaz is reporting that the carjacking occurred. then the driver shot at police. then the chase began. the driver is now westbound on the 10 freeway. the police helicopter is involved. phoenix policy is to backup and follow. every jurisdiction has their own policy. the city of phoenix policy is to back off and follow. what wi
elected he would send u.s. troops to syria to keep those weapons from falling into the wrong hands. the violence has reportedly reached a new milestone: according to groups in the country, 5,000 people were killed in syria's civil war during the month of august, alone. if true, it is the highest one-month death toll since the crisis started to unfold more than 17 months ago. the chief fox correspondent, jonathan hunt, is in new york city with that report. a new united nations envoy is taking over for kofi annan but he does not sound optimistic. >>jonathan: he does not. he is a well traveled algerian diplomat, who, in fact, brought about an end to the lebanese civil war in 1990. but he described bringing peace to syria as "nearly impossible." he went on to say and i quote, "i'm scared of the weight of the responsibility. people are already saying people are dying, what are you doing to help? indeed, we are not doing much." he also describes himself as standing in front of what he sees as a brick wall right now. he is looking for cracks in the brick wall, he said to give him an oppor
to accusations from congressional republicans, there is no evidence the u.s. attorney general knew of the flawed program. he release add statement that reads in part and i quote, "it is unfortunate some were so quick to make accusations before possessing the facts of the operation. the accusations turned out to be without foundation. they have caused a great deal of unnecessary harm and confusion. the goal of the controversial gun sting was to track weapons to mexican drug cartels but the feds did not keep tabs on the weapons and two turned up at the scene of a border patrol agent's murder. after his death, the details of fast and furious were going public. this report calls out a dozen officials and one has stepped down? >>reporter: that is right. it suggests action against 14 current department of justice employees. on the way out is the assistant attorney general of the deputy assistant attorney general who is resigning from the department of justice. this report says that he was the most senior official who was in a position to stop operation "fast and furious." also on the way out the forme
to get one of the a.t.m.'s they will cash price cows. can you go to the teller for free and the a.t.m. is $4. what? >> convenience costs. the banks will say, over and over, it is because of regulation they are trying to make money wherever they can. these are profit-generating companies, whether it is bank of america or chase or a bank in memphis, tennessee. they need to make money. does anyone really want to go in the bank? no. most americans say, 82 percent say they will switch banks if the fees are higher but they don't do it because of the hassle, because it is all about convenience, whether online, the mobile app, whatever, no one wants to pay the fees. at the end of the day they do pay the fees because they want an easier life and access to your money. you pay for the access. >>shepard: and to change your bill pays and online banking, it is a big hassle. is there a way to avoid the fees? >>guest: a lot of it is what you mentioned, keep a minimum balance. sign up for direct deposit. keep a minimum balance. >>shepard: not everyone can do that. >>guest: banks do not care they w
. there is more to the story. wasserman schultz, the chairman of the democratic party, said the u.s., the israeli ambassador to the u.s. has said republicans are being dangerous to israel for criticizing rebound's policies related to israel. today the ambassador oren, he said he categorically denied saying that and it is important to have good relationships from both parties. >>shepard: thank you, mike. by the way, wasserman schultz will be our guest tonight at 7:00 on the fox report. we will look at castro, and michelle obama is here, the president said when he watches her speech, he will try not to cry. ahhh. more on that. and a look at the weather. as a newspaper put it today, it's charlotte's time to shine yet it rains and rains and rains. there is rain in the forecast for thursday. the bank of america stadium over there, where the panthers play, it does not have a roof on it. i figure they will put bret baier and megyn and bill and martha and the other fox news indoors and i'll be on the 50-yard line getting wet in what do you get? kind of hopeful. hopeful. i like the rain. we are live at th
are still out of work. with us is a chief white house correspondent for u.s. news and world report. i heard the argument made earlier it is too late for numbers like this to matter to the way people will vote and until it is a huge change one way or the other, do you buy that? >>guest: i do. you talk to the pollsters, their notion, democrat and republican, the economy is baked into the cake. people are feeling --. >>shepard: it is how you feel? >>guest: it is. you go to the focus groups with people who are expensing the economy, it is, really, amazing, how many have been out of work the last year, and swing voters here in north carolina and, also, in florida, and why think we get a sense, really, of how much pain there is out there in the country in washington where we do not see it in our every day likes but you talk to every day people, people have not worked, their families have people out of work and underemployed, it is a serious problem. >>shepard: the numbers may have mattered three or four months ago. >>guest: exactly. people feel, they are cynical. whatever the numbers are now, may
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)

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